Group Lessons at Marjon University

  • Please note the fee displayed is for an individual session which is charged monthly in advance
  • If you enrol anytime during a month- your fee will be prorated to the amount of lessons you have left in that month
  • To accurately choose the correct ability group, please refer to the ‘Find Your Level’ chart on the home page
  • If we discover after the first couple of lessons that your child’s ability does not match that of the group, we will help you find a suitable class that does match their ability. We do however reserve the right to cancel the lessons if an alternative class cannot be found.
  • Once enrolled into a class, payments will be collected on the First day of each month in advance of the next lessons.
  • To view availability of lessons, please follow the link below to register with LoveAdmin, our Partner provider and from there you can choose your lessons.
  • If there are no lessons available, please register for the Waiting list on the link below.